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What to Wear and Why: The Jacqui Bag
WHAT TO WEAR: The Jacqui Bag
WHY: A classic structured carry-all will stand the test of time. Like a fine wine it only gets better with age. 
A high quality handbag is an extension of you, speaking to your style without a word. You carry it everyday and within it is  an arsenal of everything you need to take you from day to dinner - becoming a very personal expression of yourself.
When first developing our own signature bag for Pink Tartan, I was inspired by the first luxury bag, the "Hermes Kelly." I waited for weeks and weeks on a list before finally receiving the bag made just for me. To this day I treasure this classic luxury handbag named after style icon Grace Kelly. 
When I started to design my own bag (named after my daughter Jacqui) the bag had to be a beautiful and functional carry all. It had to have a feeling of style and strength when carried. I wanted ensure that I could pass it on to my daughter — a timeless handbag she could then carry for years to come. From this the Jacqui bag was born, featured in three forever fashion colours. 

June 08, 2016 by Kim Newport-Mimran