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Laundry Hamper - White

Laundry Hamper - White

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Torre & Tagus

With a fresh modern look, this freestanding folding laundry hamper is a beautiful complement to your bedroom or laundry room décor. Featuring a powder coated white metal frame and rubberwood accents, this stand comes with a detachable white fabric hamper bag that is machine washable and will fold away to save space when not in use. Whether it's destined for your laundry room, bathroom, sauna, and other interior spaces, the neutral hues and clean looks will make a great addition while being functional, portable, and lightweight.

Powder coated white metal X-frame and warm rubberwood handlebars delivers chic style and a pleasant touch. The hamper is collapsable without removing the hamper bag for easy transport, storage, and portability. The hamper bag features a weighted metal bar fold-over lid allowing the hamper to conceal dirty laundry while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic

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