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MF Envelope Tea Filters (30 filters / package)

MF Envelope Tea Filters (30 filters / package)

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Mariage Frères Enveloppes-Filtres™

En coton naturel.

Mariage Frères invents Enveloppes-Filtres™, in cotton, that make tea preparation amusing and extremely simple: it suffices to slip a few leaves inside, close the envelope and to infuse it directly in hot or cold water.

This modern approach frees us up to experiment without compromising tea quality. These envelopes allow the finest harvests to bloom freely and all the aromas to infuse without losing any of their properties. Irresistibly practical, they are ideal for nomadic lifestyles, an essential item to be packed alongside Mariage Frères teas in the perfect suitcase.

Each Enveloppes-Filtres™ can hold 5 grams of tea.

A packet of 30 filters.

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